A simple way to distribute promo codes for the Google Play Store.

Create a campaign

Upload your tokens from the Google Play console, and Redeemly will automatically generate a "redeem" page with your app's branding.

Share your campaign

Post your unique URL anywhere - on forums, relevant subreddits, your own website, or via email!

Watch your stats roll in

Know exactly which codes have been redeemed, and when. Have confidence to reuse any unused tokens.

Your promo codes are safe

To redeem a promo code, users need to supply a unique email address and complete a Recaptcha.

Why promo codes?

When marketing a paid app (or one with in-app purchases) one of the biggest initial challenges is establishing a loyal userbase of enthusiastic yet critical customers.

Offering a unique promo code to a potential customer is a gesture of gift-giving - any user who redeems the code will feel a natural inclination to contribute something back.

These contributions often take the form of feedback, which can be incredibly valuable when first launching an app. Positive reviews are clearly beneficial to a fledgling app's success - they will improve the app's ranking in search listings, and will convince more undecided users to download.

Negative reviews can be just as valuable, if not more so. Constructive criticism can highlight problems with your app's market fit, as well as uncover any bugs or lacking features. Users who were granted promo codes are more likely to be forgiving and constructive in their feedback, which can be indispensable in avoiding future backlash from paying customers.

Redeemly can help you build this goodwill with your most loyal users, by creating this special moment of gift-giving.



Redeemly is free to use, in its current open beta. Usage is subject to some limits:

Maximum tokens per campaign:200
Maximum campaigns per calendar month:4
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